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Our mission at is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater for each project’s specific needs.

With our three key mobile CCTV camera tower offerings and a range of additional add-ons to accompany them, you can have the confidence that the right equipment is available to meet a wide variety of temporary security needs.

With our innovative ATN security-monitoring platform, camera feeds can be accessed 24/7 without any need for manned security. The gateway to the ATN platform is provided on the camera towers via an iBox, and offers not just camera monitoring but add-ons such as access control, time and attendance monitoring software, fire alarms and flood level sensors.

All our camera towers offer rapid deployment and can be an extension to a fixed solution or a complete temporary security solution in themselves.

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This towable, robust, easily deployed security tower has 24-hour battery backup and is perfect for enabling event, commercial and site security.


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Eco-friendly, silent, redcopt hybrid camera tower runs on a combination of solar power and hydrogen fuel. With hydrogen cells lasting up to 30 days, this tower camera has low maintenance needs and running costs and is the perfect, flexible security solution where mains or generator power are not easily accessed


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Easily deployed, wireless micro tower offers wireless detection, low power consumption and a 4 hour battery back up. The micro tower is perfect for event security and can be easily set up across sites such as festivals and plugged in to power sources.

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